About Us

The Chan Pratt Foundation, founded by the Pratt Family, was licensed and incorporated in December 2014 and is registered under Dupuch & Turnquest law firm. The foundation was established with the purpose of preserving the legacy of Chan Pratt as one of the pioneers of Bahamian art. Additionally, it serves to assist in the education and training of young Bahamian artists by providing programs and scholarships to help increase their exposure and skills.

The Chan Pratt Foundation will host at least two major fundraisers annually, aimed at highlighting the talents of various local artists. Other services provided include exhibition hosting (for other artists), art brokerage, and art appraising. Products featuring the artwork of Chan Pratt, will also be sold to further promote his work while generating funds for the foundation. Memberships will also be available for persons interested in the various events and programs the foundation offers.

 Outstanding Chan Pratt originals are to be documented and photographed for record keeping and print reproduction. Youth-oriented programs will focus on providing exposure and inspiration for young artists and over time will provide financial assistance for educational and training purposes. Over time, as the foundation grows, more community programs will be introduced to train and empower young Bahamians.