My Story

My name is Dewitt Chan Pratt and I am the second oldest and only son of my father's three children. I was very fortunate to have my father in my life, even if it was for only 17 short years. I had a very close relationship with my father and considered him a friend and role model. He taught me to pursue my dreams and to work hard for anything I wanted. He lived what he preached and led by example. Growing up, I was proud to be his son and everywhere I went I made it known who my father was. 

Needless to say, I was devastated when, without warning, I lost my father to a stroke the morning of July 10, 2008. I've seen the negative effects the death of a parent can have on a child; many spiral out of control or wallow in self-pity. I, however, reminisced on the lessons he taught me. These lessons, coupled with my love for him, motivated me to keep his memory alive. I made it my life's goal to keep his legacy alive as one of The Bahamas' original master artists. As one of the pioneers of the Bahamian art history, it is vital that people know his story, accomplishments, and contributions to Bahamian society. Additionally, I've also seen the difference having a role model and mentor like him made in my life. It is this realization that instilled me the desire to mentor and inspire others.

In August 2013, I hosted the "Chan Pratt: Art of Passion" exhibition at The Central Bank of The Bahamas. The support I received from the Bahamian public encouraged me even more. It strengthened my resolve to remind the world of who Chan Pratt was. I am of the belief that The Bahamas holds so much unrecognized talent - talent that isn't realized because many people lack inspiration. Lack of inspiration results in mediocrity and low self-esteem, two traits that plague our little nation and its young people in particular. 

With these ideals came about the idea of The Chan Pratt Foundation. I chose to be a part of the solution rather than continuously complain about the problem. My objective is to educate the public about my father and his accomplishments with the intent of inspiring them based on the inspiration he gave to me. With my determination and your support I'm confident we can make this happen.